Spotlight on Landor & Fitch

This month we caught up with the guys from Landor & Fitch to hear all about the work they're most proud of to how they're transforming the way they work with clients.
Spotlight on Landor & Fitch

1.Describe Landor & Fitch in three words

Brand Transformation Company 

2. What makes you unique? 

We are a global brand transformation company, here to make an extraordinary difference: for our clients, our employees & the world around us.

We mix left & right brain people, to work together, to go beyond what’s expected. Essential intelligence & dramatic design. Business strategy & brand purpose. Expression & experience. Expertise & empathy. 1,200 curious minds. 19 countries. 1 team. We transform brands & businesses, to drive growth. 

We see ourselves as valuable additions to our clients’ teams & are proud of our relationships with them. Local & global. Corporate & consumer. Emerging & established sectors. We work with clients that include Apple, Bang & Olufsen, bp, Kellogg’s, Lego, Microsoft, Huawei, Nike, Procter & Gamble, to name a few.
We are proud to be part of WPP, a creative transformation company dedicated to building better futures.

3. Tell us something we don’t know about Landor & Fitch? 

Building to Belong

Our Landor & Fitch London team pioneered Building to Belong, a growing grassroots network that is focused on building a workplace that embraces and furthers diversity and inclusion. Now, with over 80 members (5% of the workforce) spanning all regions, functions, levels and backgrounds - it amplifies a global and burgeoning commitment to build brands as diverse as the humans that use them.

The Good Squad

In 2020, we launched the Good Squad; a group of 300 volunteers dedicating their time to finding innovative solutions to help brands become more sustainable. This year’s Good Squad ambitions are to create global blueprints and solutions for accessible, inclusive innovations, across packaging, product, spaces and mentalities. Through innovative design we can futureproof brands, spark lasting change and build a more accessible world. 

4. What work are you most proud of?

We are incredibly proud to collaborate with the world’s most ambitious clients to create extraordinary brand transformation. Our best work makes a positive difference and uses purpose, belief and powerful ideas to engage real people and spark cultural change. 

Award-winning work
We are very proud when our extraordinary work is recognised with award wins. One of our most highly accoladed projects is our brand transformation work with Kellogg’s.

Landor & Fitch partnered with Kellogg’s to help reclaim its iconic status as the provider of natural grain goodness and to make it standout on-shelf. We have been awarded multiple Gold awards for Packaging Design including from Transform Europe, Indigo Awards, The Drum Design Awards, and Grand Prix Strategies. 

Brand-led Sustainability
To truly differentiate, sustainable initiatives and investments must be brand-led. This is the missing piece of the puzzle that will enable the shift from compliance to business value. And it will ensure sustainability becomes a competitive advantage. 
We first started stress-testing this notion 20 years ago, with the development of a more future-facing positioning, identity and logo for bp, framing Lord Browne’s pioneering vision to create a more sustainable future for bp by acknowledging that bp was part of the climate problem and needed to shift to become part of the solution. We took the next step in this journey in 2020 by creating a new brand platform, Reimagine Energy, as well as launching a digitally-optimised visual identity to anchor the new ambition, strategy and way forward for the company as they strive to reach #netzero by 2050 under new CEO Bernard Looney.

Format of the Future
With the pandemic hitting shortly after the launch of our award-winning KitKat Chocolatory São Paulo flagship store in 2019, we continued our partnership with Nestlé Brazil to extend this wonderland experience online so customers can ‘Have a Break, Have a KitKat’ anytime, anywhere. 

We designed and developed an immersive and inspirational KitKat eCommerce experience which celebrates personalisation and community, aimed at the Gen Z mindset. By transforming the store into an inspiring digital experience for consumers, we brought the excitement of the store to life at home.  

5. What’s been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for us, like most agencies, has been adjusting to the impacts of the pandemic: in particular the overnight shift to remote and hybrid working

Whilst a huge challenge, its also presented exciting opportunities for flexible working and reshaping organisational culture in new ways. 

We have adapted incredibly well, relying on consistent communication from our leadership teams and maintaining everyday virtual rituals to create cohesion and connection; such as ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions where we hear from external speakers for inspiration, and wider team-based activities like Cook-Alongs and company celebrations including Awards. 

We are also developing plans for our new open plan workspace at Sea Containers to be a flagship for our brand, and versatile to the different needs of our teams. Health and hygiene is a top priority, and so spaces have been designed for safe contact but also to foster creativity and collaboration too. As we shift gears and teams between online and offline working, it’s important that our employee experience is completely seamless across both. We are excited to innovate and embrace the next chapter together. 

6. What are you doing to transform the way you work with clients? 

Social change and soaring technology are transforming the world around us, and we’re continually adapting and changing our working practices to meet our client’s needs. Using our mighty global network, we are able to operate at lightning speed pace and reach across the world, using technology to enhance collaboration and efficiency.  

At Landor & Fitch we created the ’25th Hour’ – where, for example, a project can kick-off in Mumbai and then follow the sun as it is handed to creative teams across the world, ending up finalised on the other side of the globe. This truly maximises the might of our global network and drives forward creativity at pace. This innovative approach was also the engine behind the Landor & Fitch Extraordinary 24-hour live webinar event last May, which started in Sydney and ended 24 hours later in San Francisco.

7. If you could give clients one piece of advice what would it be?

Don’t underestimate the value of culture in your brand strategy. Brand and culture must be interconnected to serve as an inspiring purpose and call to action for your employees and future talent. Today, an aligned culture is an organisation’s most critical driver of competitive advantage.   

8. How are you future-proofing? 

We use data-driven insights to connect business strategy and brand strategy, developing the powerful platforms where brand expression and experience become extraordinary. 

We combine technology intelligently to generate global recognition and deliver local results. And we track the impact of everything we do and provide certainty about everything we imagine. 

We are proud that Landor & Fitch pioneered the world’s largest and leading empirical study of consumer brand perceptions - Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) - which has now been rolled out across the entire WPP network. We tap into our BAV data and consumer insights to underpin our strategic and creative output for clients. 

9. Marketing predictions for the next year?

This past year was undoubtedly one of the most challenging for our industry, however it was also a year of ground-breaking innovation at a speed we’ve never before experienced. Like so many others, we were excited to change our calendars to 2021 – but as we look to the year ahead, we know that 2020 has forever changed consumer behaviours and how they engage with brands.

At Landor & Fitch we see three themes for this year: Control, Simplicity, and Hope.

Consumers lost all sense of control last year, and they now want to be in the driver’s seat. From calling out brands on their values, to deciding when and where they work, this year will be about calling the shots. They have also grown tired of the confusion of mixed messages and lack of clarity. Brands that remove complexities from consumers’ daily lives will be the most successful. Most importantly, consumers are hopeful. They are excited to get back to safe, human experiences. Through empathy and purposeful culture, brands will have a great opportunity to connect with consumers this year in innovative ways.

10. Best kept secret for Friday drinks (can be how you’re virtually winding down the week or what you can’t wait for when we’re all back in the office)?

We are looking forward to heading to our very own WPP Headquarters Sea Containers roof top terrace when we’re back in the office together. For now, we have a virtual 5:15 drinks every Thursday, with a fantastic variety of guest speakers, virtual games and quizzes. 

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