Spotlight on Joint

This month we shine a light on this independent agency who have put the health and well-being of its employees first to ensure the best possible work for clients


Describe Joint in three words:

Creative. Effective. Independent.

What makes you unique? 

Our culture. 

It’s not that we think having a great culture is unique. Of course not.

But we do feel our particular culture is unique to us, especially in the way we tie it directly to better results for our clients.

A flat hierarchy, clear accountabilities and continuous optimisation help speed things up, maintain quality and keep our teams happy, stable and confident.

Tell us something we don’t know about Joint? 

On June 1st every year we celebrate Joint’s birthday by releasing a new mission patch, sewn onto a limited edition t-shirt that is only available to people working at Joint at that very moment.

Each new design is a closely guarded secret and while lots of other great Joint merch is available from our on-line store,, the birthday tees remain ‘money can’t buy’.

What work are you most proud of?

We’d be fools to pick only one campaign and happily a recent selection from 2020 and 2021 showcases the quality and range of our capabilities across our three core practices Brand and Customer Experience, Advertising, Social and Content.

Amazon Prime, Joy Delivered
Heroicising how Prime makes moments in Prime members’ lives better.

AWS, Curiosity Kid
Joint’s first work for AWS after winning the EMEA brief earlier this year and sees them releasing four films made with RSA film director Jake Scott. The work ran in the UK and Germany.

Podback launch
Working with Jacobs Douwe Egberts & Nestle on their mission to make recycling coffee pods simple and easy, we helped launch a first of its kind coffee pod recycling service, creating a brand strategy, a design world and a full suite of assets that reflect the straight forward and future facing approach.

Uswitch, One Click Switch
Tackling the hassle of switching household bills with Uswitch’s new product, offering customers an even simpler way to switch. 

Vue, Get Lost
A film that celebrates the power of getting lost in a great story at Vue, and shines a light on the overwhelming distractions in all our everyday lives. 

Kettle Chips BOSH! partnership
A partnership with vegan influencers BOSH! to help create the new Sheese and Onion vegan Kettle Chips. We used their knowledge of vegan flavours to help develop the new seasoning, which has since been a hit with consumers and is now going to be launched in international markets. We’ve co-created something Kettle is proud of, but BOSH! can be too – even putting their name on the pack.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

Undoubtedly Covid. We had a marginal operational headstart as so much of our business has been international since we started. Living on video calls for even the biggest of meetings comes pretty naturally to us. But like every other business, the sheer scale of the pandemic presented challenges we’d not even considered before. In particular the need to keep everyone motivated and positive in a collective sense whilst creating space for every single individual to navigate an intensely difficult year in a way that’s right for them personally. It’s hard to believe we got it right every time but we have fantastic team retention rates, the business is growing and we are proud of the work we do and the impact it has. All metrics that we obsess over.

What are you doing to transform the way you work with clients?

Covid has been appalling and will be for a while. So it may seem crass to look for positives. But it’s undeniable that some useful lessons have been learned, especially around client and agency relationships. At Joint we have always thrived on collaboration (hence our name) and transparency. One effect of lockdown is that everyone we work with is more open and explicit about their requirements, their concerns, their ambitions and even their budgets. Running businesses against a backdrop of global health, social and economic crisis has perhaps given us all a new perspective. As has a year of working remotely from our kitchens, bedrooms, spare rooms and, at one point, a caravan. As a result we are even closer to our clients and we’ve forged powerful new relationships. It feels as if Covid has accelerated empathy, openness and straight talking. If we can carry that forward beyond Covid, what a positive transformation that will be.

If you could give clients one piece of advice what would it be?

Trust the data, follow your instincts.

Marketers are brilliant at this and it’s fantastic when agency and client are aligned on how to strike the right balance. Without the right data it’s impossible to get to brilliant creative ideas that drive business growth. And then comes the moment in the process when the data can tell you no more and it’s time for an audacious act of imagination. Who’d want to work in any other industry?

How are you future-proofing? 

At Joint we know we’ll never be fully future-proof, which is why we are always future-proofing. 

For us that means taking advantage of being independent and free to partner up with any company or individual who meets our, or our clients’, needs. This is especially true in data, media and technology where some of the most exciting players are fellow independents both here and abroad.

Marketing predictions for the next year?

Best ideas win. Again.

Best kept secret for Friday drinks (this can be how you're virtually winding down the week or what you can’t wait for when we’re all back in the office)?

A cultural highlight at Joint since our foundation in 2012 has been the Joint Wrap Party every Friday afternoon.

Quite frankly it’s been a real challenge to replicate the true joy of it via video conference without getting dangerously close to what one of our clients calls ‘Funishment’.
So we've had a brilliant dedicated team on it who have shaken things up, constantly refreshing what we all do together beyond the day job. 

And at least once a month we recognise that after a long week of Zoom calls, everybody knocking off early for the weekend and closing down their computers is just the tonic.

See more from Joint here on our website. 


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