Spotlight on Billion Dollar Boy

We caught up with the guys from BDB, one of the first global influencer agencies.

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Describe Billion Dollar Boy in three words

Creative. Data-Driven. Innovative.

What makes you unique?

As one of the first global influencer agencies to help the influencer marketing space evolve to the dynamic, interactive and world-changing industry it is today, Billion Dollar Boy has always been unique.

Unlike traditional agencies, BDB harnesses the exceptional creativity of digital creators, viewing influencer marketing as a discipline, not an add-on. Over the last seven years, we have built an extraordinary global network where we connect the best digital creators with the world's most creative brands to deliver exceptional campaigns and results.

In addition, we have also developed our own unique proprietary technology, Companion to capture data, deliver KPIs, and keep clients up-to-date in real-time.

Tell us something we don’t know about BDB?

People often ask us where the name Billion Dollar Boy came from. Back in 2006, Ed listened to a lot of Pharrell’s music while building websites for friends as a way of making a little spare cash. Ed bought the domain name with the hope of selling it to his favourite musician at the time, Pharrell, who founded the fashion label Billionaire Boys Club.

Fast forward 8 years to 2014, Ed had not sold the domain name to Pharrell and at the time men were an under-targeted segment of influencer marketing so we chose to launch a male-targeted influencer marketing agency with a bold and brave name.

While we have, over the years, outgrown that initial impulse, we have grown into our name. That cleverness, that cheekiness, that chicness you associate with BDB is in our DNA.

What work are you most proud of?

The past year has been all about pivoting, engaging and planning. The creativity, agility, and enthusiasm of our team is what makes great work happen.

We have taken audiences on a coffee tour around the world for our Nespresso World Explorations campaign that has just gone live. We asked influencers from across the globe to take their followers on a tour of their home cities, bringing you the distinctive tastes of coffee from Tokyo to Cape Town. The quality of influencers' content continues to defy expectations. It's clear this model of content production will continue to play a bigger and bigger role in the future of mainstream marketing.

With lots of brands moving into creating content at scale, we took it one step further with Soap & Glory by creating hundreds of pieces of beautiful content from one shoot with influencers that not only targeted multiple shopper personas but could also be used to re-target consumers at different stages in the purchase journey with tailored content and messaging. This strategy helped move S&G from mass broadcast to personalisation at scale, powered by data with an always-on test and learn approach.

Billion Dollar Boy has been Europe’s number one multi-brand fashion e-retailer Zalando’s influencer agency since 2018. We helped Zalando fans say goodbye to stereotypes and hello to Zerotypes, promoting equality and fashion liberation and sparking a wider conversation around the outdated cultural stereotypes that still remain.

BDB partnered with method to help the brand spread joy, not germs during the COVID-19 lockdown and to bring a smile to people's faces by gifting influencers method products in a joy bundle for them to share with the elderly, vulnerable and those in need during this time within their community.

We teamed up with celebrities and influencers for the Quaker Oats #GoForridgeChallenge, where influencers created a quick and delicious recipe incorporating Quaker Oats and the food they have at home, showcasing the true utility and versatility of the product via reactive ‘Oat to Flour’ content.

We are delighted to have joined forces with IFRC during the pandemic for a pro bono campaign to help combat the sharing of fake news around COVID-19  in a way that’s fun, informative, engaging, and universal.

To see what other campaigns we have delivered in the past, cast your eyes over our Work page here.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

Guiding brands, clients, and cross-agency groups on the peculiarities, particulars, and most importantly potential of modern celebrity. Influencers, ambassadors, and advocates offer incredibly effective routes to build brand equity, shift consumer perception, and truly engage consumers with advertising, whether via organic social activity or integrated into the wider media mix.

What are you doing to transform the way you work with clients?

We are transforming the way we work with clients by providing them with new media solutions like personalisation at scale, interactive ad formats, granular measurement in partnership with Nielsen to prove return on ad spend, and TVC quality assets to accelerate their campaigns.

With brands increasingly seeking what ROI influencer campaigns deliver, we are transforming the way clients can track their campaign performance via our technology partner, Companion. We provide clients with BenchMark Value so they can understand the real value of any earned media driven by a BDB campaign. We also track sales and subscriptions and use links and data to quantify the performance of a campaign in pounds or dollars. We also partner with Nielsen to provide insights into the campaign effectiveness.

If you could give clients one piece of advice what would it be?

Firstly, you should be investing in influencer marketing and pivoting to a personalisation of messaging strategy. Secondly, set aside budget for amplifying content via paid social to make full use of the content created for the campaign. It allows you to target the audience and drive results at scale.

How are you future-proofing?

We are staying true to what helped us succeed in the first place and doubling down on investment in best-in-class creativity and technology. Over the next two years, we will focus on growing and consolidating a world-class creative and planning team, continue developing BDB’s proprietary technology to enable mass efficiencies, launch new services and expand our global footprint.

Marketing predictions for the next year?

This year, the influencer marketing sector will look again at regulation, diversity, tighter restrictions on ROI and creativity to ensure it continues to mature in the right direction. Current trends show a shift in the types of collaborations that brands are looking for, with many opting to work with influencers to focus on personalisation and interaction. It has never been so important to ensure you are reaching the right consumer tribe and delivering tailored, targeted messaging at the right time as opposed to sending one big brand message to everyone.

Best kept secret for Friday drinks (or this can answer how you’re virtually winding down the week or what you can’t wait for when we’re all back in the office)?

The team likes virtually winding down with an end-of-week drink and draw session, yoga lunchtime class, or virtual team cookalong. We are looking forward to gathering the team once again in the pub one Friday when it is safe to do so! 

You can see more from Billion Dollar Boy here on our website


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