Shiny's New Director Awards

Calling all ECDs and Creative Directors.

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Oystercatchers are happy to be supporting the Shiny New Directors Awards - an Awards initiative for up-and-coming directors that gives them a platform to showcase their work. And we're calling all ECDs and Creative Directors!

Why get involved?

Shiny is a not-for-profit company who recognise the difficulty for talented directors who don't have contacts to create a career for themselves. 'The system' makes it harder to get started for BIPOC, women, directors with disabilities, directors outside the middle classes or outside major cities - anyone under-represented in the commercial production industry.

“...Shiny are providing an early point-of-entry awards for new directors at the beginning of their industry journey. By regularly showcasing newly signed director talent to the world’s leading ad agencies, and new freelance directors to record labels and branded content commissioners, we aim to provide a valuable and practical service to all involved. Our research showed production companies & directors want affordable awards with clear benefits, and Shiny meets that need. We’re so delighted that Oystercatchers, who work with so many leaders, are supporting us in that aim…” said Caroline Bottomley, founder & MD of Shiny.

Shiny’s New Director Awards now run at the end of each month, and will alternate throughout 2021 between awards for newly signed directors and freelance directors.

The first New Director Awards of 2021 are on Wednesday 27th January, for new director signings to production companies.

They're judged live by VIP judges worldwide. ECDs, Creative Directors and Heads of Film.

Oystercatchers are asking ECDs and Creative Directors from the industry to get involved if they can - what better way to kick start 2021 than by giving the under-represented a chance to kick start their careers. 

If you are interested in joining Shiny's judging panel for 2021 or just want to find out more, please get in touch with Emma Cartwright.

More details can be found at


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