Royal Mail MarketReach Case Study

Promoting the ‘physical irresistibility’ of direct mail in a post digital world

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Royal Mail MarketReach helps brands and agencies get the most from direct mail whether you are trying it in your marketing mix for the first time, or just want to do it even better. The ‘Physically Irresistible’ campaign is designed to inspire digitally native marketers and decision makers to reassess the effective role that direct mail can play in this marketing mix. Our digital / social campaign drives viewers to download an inspirational e-book that showcases all the amazing techniques that direct mail offers and is full of inspiring case studies from around the world and insightful contributions from top industry leaders. It is already making a big industry impact!

Showcasing the power of direct mail

This e-book is jam-packed with all the wonderful opportunities and techniques that direct mail offers, as well as some of the most creative case studies from around the world. It’s full of insightful contributions from an array of industry thought leaders. A brilliant read!


Driving leads for Royal Mail through dynamic social media

Animated posts across a variety of social media channels attract marketers to download the inspirational e-book by giving reasons to consider direct mail in the marketing mix. 

Using responsive marketing channels to extol the benefits of direct mail

An extensive email campaign accompanies the launch of the inspirational e-book to encourage download. Each phase of communication focussed on one of the many reasons to use direct mail.

Completing the customer journey

Dedicated campaign landing pages on the MarketReach website enable a joined-up experience for responders and a strong conversion to downloading the e-book.


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