Participation Brand Index

Harnessing the power of Participation to drive commercial returns.

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Keep up or get cancelled

Marketing strategies built for the broadcast age don’t work as hard as they used to. Customers are in control and every brand is one step away from rejection.

In the participation age businesses must urgently and continuously evolve to keep up with rising expectations.

Meet the Participation Brand Index

A tool that reveals how the world's leading brands use participation to drive commercial performance.

From purposeful brand platforms to innovation-led customer experiences and people-powered influence strategies, the Participation Brand Index measures the latest techniques used by brands to meet rising levels of consumer expectation.

How it works

The study, now in its fourth edition, taps into a global network of consumers and business leaders. It scores 150 brands against 25 different levers of Participation and demonstrates the impact each has on business performance.

Dive into the data

Check out our interactive tool to see, first hand, how brands that harness the power of people outperform their competitors at every stage of the funnel.


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