Oystercatchers Coffee Morning: How brands can support customers and colleagues

As part of #mentalhealthweek, this friday Oystercatchers is talking about how brands can support customers and colleagues in difficult times.

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Join Suki Thompson at 11am on Friday 22nd May, when she'll be speaking with Clare Phillips, director of social purpose at ITV; Harriet Shurville HR Director of Iris Nation; and Advertising Association president Keith Weed.

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, there’s been a rush of brands saying ‘we’re here for you’ (see that wonderful American supercut) but what does that actually mean? As part of mental health week, we’ll be looking at how brands can really be purposeful in these times to support both their customers and employees, and going forwards, what is their well-being responsibility?

In our recent webinar on FMCG, MullenLowe CCO Helen Bell, noted that in these uncertain times, brands should shift ‘from selling to serving’.

  • Famous brands can quite literally comfort food in unpredictable times, how and when should brands shift/pivot messaging so it’s not seen as opportunistic or tone deaf?
  • What is a brands' well-being/mental health role in challenging/not perpetuating damaging stereotypes?
  • How do mental health and well-being programmes and purpose increasingly play a part in attracting talent to brands and agencies?

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