Oystercatchers at the Festival of Marketing

We'll be headlining the main stage on Friday 9 October

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A perfect partnership for growth: how brand storytelling combined with data insight can accelerate marketing performance

9 October at 09:25 - 10:20

The year ahead brings both challenges and opportunities as brands need to find innovative, quick fire ways to reconnect with customers. Is the golden blend of storytelling and data the superpower in this journey to growth?

This session at this year's Festival of Marketing is brought to you by Oystercatchers and we'll unlock insights from this fusion of data and creativity and examine its power to transform.

Suki Thompson, Chair of Oystercatchers, will host a live panel discussion with Toby Whitmoyer, Global Marketing Officer at Bacardi; Lisa Thomas, Chief Brand Officer at Virgin; and Gen Kobayashi, Chief Strategy Officer for Engine UK.

Make sure to get your pass and come and see us there!

If you're a Club member and yet to use your Oystercatchers discount for a pass, or alternatively a senior brand-side marketer and  interested in attending the Festival of Marketing, please get in touch with us


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