Mylk: 'End of Mylk'

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In March 2020, we partnered with Mylk, the dairy alternative – a blend of sustainable, organic plant-based ingredients which tastes and acts just like milk to create an awareness campaign across a series of London's busiest stations. 

The campaign follows a scientific study by Ulster University which confirmed Rebel Kitchen’s claim that their Mylk is just like its dairy counterpart. Tests have shown that an overwhelming number of individuals cannot distinguish between the taste and texture of Rebel Kitchen ‘Mylk’ and dairy milk, and is in fact significantly preferred to other plant-based alternatives.”

So we decided to hails the end of (dairy) days with a trio of rebellious posters that challenge diary milk. One poster reads "Mylk’s tasty and leaves you feeling good" before letters disappear to create "Mylk’s f’ing good", highlighting the brand’s role as a competitor to cow’s milk.

We also targeted the grocers, including Tesco and Sainsburys, with ads featuring personalised messages throughout. 


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