McVitie's \ Too Good Not To Share

New creative platform from TBWA\London positions McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives biscuits as so overwhelmingly tasty, they’re ‘too good not to share’.

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We devised a new creative platform for McVitie’s as part of a masterbrand relaunch. The idea for the long-running campaign is that McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives biscuits are so overwhelmingly tasty, they're ‘too good not to share’.

The campaign features TV and social activity at its core, with the first TV spot telling the story of a radio station runner who takes a bite of a McVitie’s biscuit and becomes overwhelmed with the taste and the desire to share the biscuits with anyone in the near vicinity.

Unfortunately for him, given it’s his first day on the job, the closest person happens to be the guest Grime Artist whose performance is about to be broadcast live on national radio. The sheer compulsion to share a McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives takes over, and he tempts the Grime Artist into taking a bite. Impaired by a mouthful of the chocolate biscuit, she emits some rather surprising sounds live on air, to the bewilderment of all the station’s listeners around the country.


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