LOCKED DOWN AND OUT (raising awareness & funds)

“A masterclass in how to create a campaign on a very sensitive topic” PR Week, Creative Hit of the Week

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LGBTQ abuse has more than doubled since COVID-19 lockdown began, and queer charities like the LGBT Foundation are struggling to meet demand with the lost income from cancelled fundraising events such as Pride.


Inspired by real stories, we show a teen girl’s relationship with her abusive mother during lockdown. Only at the end do we realise that the girl is trans and is unable to be herself safely at home.


So far, the campaign has raised enough funds to enable LGBT Foundation’s helpline to answer 400 more hour-long calls to LGBTQ people at crisis point, provide 800 online group sessions for isolated LGBTQ people, or fund 200 assessments of domestic abuse cases.

Over 2.1m impressions.

CTR 300% higher than benchmark. VTR 80% higher than benchmark.

“A masterclass in how to create a campaign on a very sensitive topic” - PR Week, Creative Hit of the Week

“A courageous piece of work which deserves to be shared as widely as possible” - David Reviews, Pick of the Day

“A powerful example of sharing the lived-experiences of LGBT people to drive empathy and awareness.” - CreativeBrief, Hot Pick

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