Is data crushing creative risk?

Has data unlocked creativity for marketers, or has it made us addicted to the numbers and blind to our gut?

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With the power of data combined with ever more sophisticated algorithms, marketers can test and test again to refine ideas and tweak for individual audiences. But has this made us overly reliant on the data, and afraid of creativity and the risk of an untested idea? 

Cheryl Calverley, CMO, Eve Sleep

Cheryl recently made the leap from breakdowns to beds as she moved from the Autombile Association (‘The AA’) to eve sleep, the European sleep wellness brand. Having joined the Automobile Association (“The AA”) as head of Group Marketing in 2015 to learn about direct to consumer marketing, she progressed to Marketing Director in 2017, spawning a really quite remarkable singing baby along the way. Her early career was in FMCG, where she coaxed, corralled and challenged a range of ‘love or hate’ brands, such as Marmite, Pot Noodle, Peperami and Axe (Lynx for the Brits amongst us) to growth, before heading over to the exciting world of frozen foods with Birdseye Iglo group. No, really, she did find the annual pea harvest quite exciting…. Her motto? ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’.

Tom Laranjo, Managing Director, Total Media

Tom has been Managing Director at Total Media since 2011, prior to which he worked across a variety of roles at the agency from international media planning and buying, to heading up the agency's insight team. Tom applies insights and inspiration found outside of traditional advertising to the running of the agency and to Total Media’s clients’ businesses. He views the role of agencies as being pivotal in shaping the future of media and thinks that agencies have an opportunity to redefine their roles and contribute to clients' growth.


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