IPA Bellwether Report Q4 2021: Oystercatchers' Reaction

UK marketing budgets were revised upward for the third successive quarter in Q4 2021, according to the latest IPA Bellwether Report. However, growth was slower than the previous quarter amid Omicron COVID-19, supply chain, and inflation concerns. Richard Robinson and Gill Huber share their views.
IPA Bellwether Report Q4 2021: Oystercatchers' Reaction

This article was originally published by New Digital Age.

The IPA has shared its Q4 2021 Bellwether Report – and although marketing budgets are up for another year, it wasn’t without caution. So, what does this mean for the future of our industry? New Digital Age collected comments from marketing experts across the industry - here is Oystercatchers' view:

Richard Robinson, Managing Director

“The optimism and confidence in marketing continues to grow for another quarter, with UK PLC showing a continued determination to press ahead with customer-plans that fuel growth. The need to define excellence in digital, marketing and creativity has never been more pressing – and the need to train, hire and retain the best talent is fast becoming the pivotal battleground in terms of commercially viable ROI as we look into 2022. Brands and agencies alike must get ahead of staff and skills shortages by learning their way out of the crisis & matching their intent with the optimum partnerships for profitable growth.”

Gill Huber, Managing Partner, Oystercatchers

“This latest Bellwether Report represents what most of us working in the business have sensed. Marketing budgets are growing but the broader business landscape is still volatile as the pandemic and other economic factors – such as inflation – make themselves felt. But there is much room for optimism as brands look to meet customers’ needs and respond to changed behaviours with creative solutions across multiple platforms. This calls for strong partnerships with their marketing services agencies – so that brands are working with the best creative talent to help build business performance, make their advertising exciting and effective, reach new audiences and ensure they have robust strategies in place to meet future challenges.”

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