How data-led buying delivered incremental sales for Young's

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Young’s Seafood Ltd is the largest and oldest producer and distributor of seafood, supplying 40% of the UK’s fish annually. Yet despite this, they found themselves outspent by their key competitors who are on TV all year round. To tackle the competition, Young’s were after a new approach backed by insight to attract new customers, increase sales and grow their market share.

Following our innovative data-led campaign to behaviourally target new audiences, Young’s sales jumped by 20% with their Chip Shop product enjoying a 6-year high in sales.


As a relatively small fish in a big advertising revenue pond, Young’s had historically been restricted to just four weeks linear TV air time in Q1, meaning acquiring new customers and driving repeat purchase was a challenge. To address this issue, Young’s needed to grow their market share within the constraints of their existing marketing budgets.


Knowing that consumers spend very little time finding and picking FMCG products, an average of just 10 seconds, we knew we had to be font of mind for consumers and therefore active for as many weeks as possible to provide multiple brand cues.

By taking Young’s existing customer segmentation, we identified and prioritised which audience segments had the greatest potential for growth. We then enhanced this segmentation with a Sky data-led buying approach based on purchase behaviours, to reach existing customers and purchasers of competitor brands, allowing us to reach viewers based on their shopping habits, rather than their viewing habits.

We expanded our learnings to other channels, including display & social, and used our TV data to build online audience profiles to contextually target online audiences and extend our reach.


By putting data and insight at the forefront of the campaign, we were able to run activity for 4 months rather than 4 weeks with no increase in budget, delivering an increase of 20% in sales with Young’s “Chip Shop” enjoying a 6 year sales high, which has subsequently enabled them to double their media spend in 2020.

One of the most progressive uses of AV and data that we’ve seen” – Dan Stephenson (Former Head of AdSmart)

“Total Media has taken a really proactive approach to developing this campaign. Their clever use of state-of-the-art targeting has allowed us to pinpoint specific audiences and reach them efficiently, with minimal wastage, whilst actively prolonging the duration of our campaign.” – Jason Manley (Marketing Director, Young’s)

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