Gas Bijoux


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The challenge

Since André Gas founded his namesake jewelry label in 1969, it has opened stores across France, as well as locations in fashion capitals New York, Milan, and Tokyo. But that growth brought challenges in the Digital Age. How could Gas Bijoux boost its visibility on Google and other channels? And how could they optimize their local listings to drive more in-store traffic?

The solution

Our unique Local Presence Management (LPM) service was tailor-made for situations like these—and we’ve got its implementation down to an art. Here’s how it worked in three easy steps.

1) Local presence management

We rolled out an LPM program for Gas Bijoux that cleaned up listings for individual stores—name, address, phone number, opening hours—and accounted for unique circumstances, such as nested locations.

2) Targeted traffic

We began to proactively manage duplicates throughout the program, ensuring that all paid and organic traffic was directed to actively monitored listings.

3) Data accuracy

Using in-house platforms, our LPM experts worked to ensure data consistency across all the sites and directories that matter, providing customers with accurate information when they search for both generic and branded terms.

The impact

The principles behind LPM are simple, but the results are often significant. As the visibility and accuracy of Gas Bijoux’s listings grew, so too did their digital presence—and their ability to drive transformative growth online.


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