Focus 500: super-fast consumer research

With the current global situation, brands are facing a huge challenge in staying close to their customers.

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As part of our commitment to proactively support our customers, we created Focus 500, a unique opportunity for Team ITG partners to get the answers to your burning questions – faster than ever before, and completely free of charge.

Focus 500 is a rapid-response focus group designed to give valuable insight in record speed. Made up of over 500 people nationwide of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, our customers have a robust and representative demographic at their fingertips. We can create a bespoke group to reflect any audience – niche or mass market – and ask them about what matters most to our clients.

We send members of Focus 500 quick-fire online surveys made up of questions important to participating brands, and analyse the results to give them a snapshot of consumer sentiment across the UK.

Brands that have already benefitted from free and fast insights from Team ITG’s Focus 500 include Whitbread, Sally Beauty, The Original Factory Shop and all of our automotive partners.

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