Dirac brand purpose, identity, tone of voice and sonic branding

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Born out of a desire for better

Dirac was born in Sweden 15 years ago. The founders were frustrated with the sound coming out of their audio speakers – it wasn’t good enough. So they decided to do something about it. Their mission started there: to use their experience in digital sound processing to create the ultimate clear sound experience in every listening environment. Today Dirac has grown to become a world-renowned audio technology company, reinventing the future of sound. Their technology – algorithms that bend sound through time and space – can be found in everything from mobile phone speakers, to Volvo car sound systems, to home speaker set-ups, to professional audio recording studios.

Dirac brand marque - before

Dirac brand marque - after

Connecting with a new audience

Like many businesses that have developed quickly, Dirac was clear on what it did but not why. We were appointed to work with Dirac to define their purpose and brand strategy, knowing that there was a considerable opportunity to move from B2B into the end consumer market. Dirac had earned the trust of the leading names in their sector. But while many consumers may have heard Dirac technology, the majority had never heard of Dirac. Our challenge was to build a brand that connects with consumers’ hearts without losing the core, historic B2B audience. 

Revolutionising the way the world hears

Internal stakeholder and client interviews laid out Dirac’s big ambition: to play an important role in more people’s lives, without losing their original spirit of disruption. To move the brand to a stronger, consumer-facing place, we turned to users to understand their insights and experiences in emotional terms.

We recognised the scale and potential of the Dirac technology to dramatically improve listening quality, and reflected this in a new Dirac brand purpose  - ‘Revolutionising the way the world hears.” The brand idea that comes from this - 'Everyone has a right to better sound' sees sound as the new frontier where consumers should expect and demand more.

Bringing the brand to life

Dirac’s previous brand identity was modern but not distinctive. We took a holistic approach, weaving together a visual identity with strong tone of voice, movement and a sonic logo to create an engaging expression of the brand. Together, this brand arsenal creates a bold, amplified identity to resonate with both B2B and B2C audiences. The new brand is alive – just as sound is. Leading with a bold and dynamic set of typographic animations, we brought to life the experience of Dirac technology in action. The focused colour palette, highlighting bold black and white with a pop of bright blue, reinforces the contrast of sound with Dirac turned on. And the playful emojis create a shorthand of emotion, connecting directly with our consumers.

Turning it up

The bold, playful and punchy tone of voice elevates the brand even further, flowing through every touchpoint – from the brand manifesto through to packaging, the app through to video scripts. The new brand voice connects with audiences in an authentic way, inspiring them to demand better sound. We also collaborated with Universal Music to capture the attitude and experience of the brand in a bold, memorable sonic logo. So the brand has a look, a voice and a sound that connects with audiences on an emotional level.


Launch at CES Las Vegas 2020

The result is a future-facing, differentiated brand that represents Dirac’s ambition, technological prowess and user experience, all expressed through a unique brand identity. It launched in January 2020 at the CES global consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas, USA.

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