dentsu UK launches Shopper DNA

In the dentsu Consumer Vision 2030, we identified four overarching themes that will shape the next ten years in terms of consumer behaviour and brand response. Shopper DNA applies these themes to examine how the UK retail sector will change in the next decade and what this means for brands.

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In Shopper DNA, dentsu uncovers the actions and motivations of today’s multi-channel consumer, providing recommendations for brands to ensure they are well positioned to serve today’s shopper and the shopper of the future – when, where and how they want to be served.

Here are the four trends shaping consumer behaviour:

  • Universal activism: People will shop based on values and causes. Identity, climate, and data will be the key battlegrounds for brands. 
  • Synthetic Society: To meet evolving consumer expectations of convenience and experience along the path-to-purchase, retail will be increasingly robotic, social media-based, virtual  and immersive.
  • Bigger Bolder Brands: Focus will shift to how brands can help meet consumers’ needs more effectively across all aspects of daily life.
  • The Human Dividend: To meet rising consumer demand for real and meaningful connection, retail will be increasingly humanised and community centred. 

Exploring both the short and long-term implications of each trend, Shopper DNA provides a framework for brands to build a long-term strategy and ensures they are able to respond effectively to evolving consumer demands, attitudes and behaviours for the next decade.

Download the full report here:

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