Creativity in the time of Covid19

Originally published in Lurzers Archive, written by John Dean.

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It’s the fifth week of lockdown for MullenLowe London and things are looking up. But then being optimistic goes with the job doesn’t it?

Initially, we went from ‘making’ to ‘thinking’ as shoots became instantly problematic and agendas shifted from campaigns to customer communication.

It didn’t take long, though, before we started creating stuff again, as production companies, photographers, recording studios and edit suites showed their resourcefulness.  Last week we recorded a voiceover artist using GarageBand, who was soundproofed under a duvet in his loft. The result was remarkably good.

Almost every other day my creative partner, Gary Marjoram, and I are having to adapt our ‘Stay Home’ OOH campaign, as more and more countries request it. Not bad for an idea that originated at Fiona Fitzgibbon’s kitchen table-come-media desk.

For many of our clients, the work we’re doing is as valuable as ever. They’re having to re-define their customer proposition at lightning speeds. E-commerce is playing a bigger part for those who’ve found their more traditional markets closed.

From a working perspective, I miss the daily interaction with colleagues and being able to present in person to clients.

That said, I’m selfishly finding WFH quite rewarding. I don’t have my usual long commute, meetings are happening on time and I’m not grabbing the same Prêt sandwich for lunch.

I’m seeing more of my family which is lovely. I’m also exercising than normal, courtesy of MullenLowe Yoga via zoom and taking our dog for an early morning run along the nearby seafront.  

My wife would say I’m working longer hours but I think that’s just because she’d prefer it if I was in the study rather than sat at our kitchen table. But then I wouldn’t see as much of the family would I?

- John Dean -

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