Create Not Hate x Shout 85258 - 'Don't Hide Your Unhappy'

‘Don’t Hide Your Unhappy’ encourages young black males to take their mental health seriously, to open up and share their emotions, and to use the Shout 85258 text service to seek help if they need it - however big or small their worries.
Create Not Hate x Shout 85258 - 'Don't Hide Your Unhappy'

The campaign explores the insight around masking emotions through two different executions. The first is ‘Hide Your Unhappy’ masks, a campaign which uses a provocative headline to grab the attention of a new demographic for the Shout helpline, which until now has been used mostly by young white women. The marketing campaign offers ‘Free Smile Masks’ depicting the faces of smiling young men to help you ‘Hide Your Unhappy’. On the back of each mask is a message telling people that they don’t need to hide behind a smile, urging them to talk over their problems with Shout by texting LET IT OUT to 85258.

The second execution is a video featuring a conversation between two young men that captures the superficial chat and the unspoken feelings behind it. This is another means of conveying the ‘Don’t Hide Your Unhappy’ message and how masking conversations can exacerbate negative emotions when feeling low. This will be shared across social media channels most popular with young people: Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. Total Media have generously supported Create Not Hate again by securing free media. 

The masks and video were created in collaboration with diverse groups of young people during Create Not Hate workshops. Create Not Hate worked with students aged between 14-22 from the WAC Arts College and the Greenhouse Centre charity.


Masks will be distributed in locations frequented by young people including gyms, game shops, cinemas, public transport and popular shops. On one side will be a smiling face, and on the other the campaign’s message along with the Shout 85258 details.