COVID-19 podcast – how brands can come out stronger part 3

Listen to the latest podcast series from our human insight agency, Behave. Our host Pedro Martins will be discussing how brands can navigate COVID-19 and come out stronger alongside behavioural experts Richard Shotton and Will Hanmer-Lloyd. 

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In the third episode of our COVID-19 podcast series, we focus on a range of behavioural techniques including the messenger effect and the foot in the door technique, and how the government could apply these to encourage people to obey restrictions.

We discuss the need to tread carefully when it comes to confirmation bias and the backfire effect, but how framing a message using empathy and understanding can help to engage positively with those who choose to disobey guidelines, whilst finding similarities with commercial brands and how these can be used to turn rejecters into customers.

Click here to listen to episode 3 of our podcast series.

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We are the only media agency built on the principles of behavioural science. We create media plans built around knowledge of people’s behaviour. We do this by deploying a full range of research capabilities, from ethnography to neuroscience to behavioural economics to data analytics. It’s through this approach that we deliver authentic, creative and effective media solutions that match the behaviour of real people. What does the behavioural planning agency mean: It means we are experts in media. It means we are experts in human behaviour. But most importantly it means we are experts in change. We focus on behavioural science as it ensures we are at the forefront of understanding how people make decisions and how we can change those decisions. Our knowledge of media and our knowledge of behavioural science are the tools we use to help brands influence consumers. To buy, to download, to prefer, to remember, to choose , to donate...

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