CanopyDAM revolutionises multichannel asset management

One of CanopyCloud’s revolutionary tools, CanopyDAM has completely transformed the way global brands manage their multichannel marketing assets. Discover more about the most advanced digital asset management product on the market.

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As the most advanced digital asset management product on the market, CanopyDAM allows you to store multichannel marketing assets in one convenient, secure location, before sharing and deploying them in just a few clicks.

Up to 10GB of assets can be uploaded in a matter of seconds through a simple drag-and-drop functionality, while the intuitive search engine and cutting-edge streaming and compressing technology makes it quick and easy to download files.

Its powerful transcoding engine enables the creation of multiple approved derivatives across any format, keeping our clients in full control of their brand image.

For global names such as WW and Clarks, this means full compliance is achieved across their worldwide operations, with campaigns reaching market in a fraction of the time.

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Team ITG

Team ITG is a global technology-led marketing business. Its game-changing marketing execution platform, CanopyCloud, simplifies multichannel marketing, automates tedious manual processes and frees marketers to focus on creative strategy. With a blend of next generation technology and award-winning services, Team ITG creates and delivers content for global campaigns in over 160 countries and 52 languages.

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