Usain Bolt is the star of AvaTrade’s latest TV spot, encouraging consumers to ‘make the leap’ and join the trading revolution.

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Created by MSQ’s Brave Spark, in association with London-based branding and design agency Huddle, the 8-time Olympic Gold winner is shown striving to try more new things, such as skydiving.

Since retiring from the track in 2017 Bolt has dabbled as a pro-footballer, a successful music producer, entrepreneur and is now an investor too – he’s an active user of the AvaTrade app, a simple to use service that allows people to trade with confidence.

AvaTrade signed Bolt as its first every global brand ambassador earlier this year, and the work marks AvaTrade’s first ever TV ad.

The spot includes 20” and 30” edits, and will run on financial channels such as Bloomberg and CNBC until December. Additional campaign work includes a behind-the-scenes film and a range of social assets, each of which encourages people to #BeMoreBolt.


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