Are there universal truths to leadership?

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Search ‘Leadership’ in books on and it brings up over 50,000 titles; the number of tagged articles on LinkedIn runs into the hundreds of thousands with leadership experts, coaches and thought leaders touting their views and theories, not to mention the plethora of memes and inspirational quotes, plenty of which are misattributed or, frankly, bullshit.

Leadership has evolved into an industry of its own, but inspirational faux-quotes aside, it shows us that the pressure to get it right is greater than ever before. We expect more from our leaders and in uncertain times, this expectation only increases.

So what skills does a modern leader need for now, and the future, to navigate rapidly changing times, technology and trends? How is the cultural context – such as diversity or #MeToo -  influencing trends and expectations of leadership. What if any, are the universal truths of leadership?

Being a leader can at times feel like a solitary pursuit, with everyone looking up to you for guidance and support, but as the pressures increase how does a leader inspire and motivate themselves, and what support and feedback is available?

And what should the remit of ‘leader’ cover – are you leading people, leading a business or both? Is it an organisations’ responsibility to lead the people and set the culture, or does that come from the person at the top?

We’ll be addressing these questions, and more, with our panel at the Oystercatchers Club. 


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