A safe and successful video shoot for Premier Inn

One of the latest projects to support our customers returning to normality after the Covid-19 lockdown was a full video shoot for Premier Inn’s ‘CleanProtect’ campaign.

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The video showcases all the precautions taken to ensure staff and guest safety in their hotels – and was delivered by Team ITG under the challenging conditions of social distancing.

An ad-hoc project organised by our award-winning strategic creative division and dedicated Whitbread account team, the video and stills shoot was to be completed in a single day – a challenging brief in itself, and even more so once social distancing guidelines were factored in.

In a matter of days, we were all hands on deck, ready to go. On the day of the shoot, our on-site team included a client liaison, a videographer, a photographer and an assistant, with a further three members of Team ITG supporting the shoot remotely.

Prior to the commencement of filming, we also installed all safety POS and signage, which included urgent artwork that was printed and delivered that morning to meet the client’s demands.

Once the shoot was complete, we swiftly moved to the edit phase and voiceover, along with an additional request by the client for a tannoy script.

The finished CleanProtect video was completed and premiered just one month after the initial conversation.

It met the client’s deadline and exceeded expectations; an enormous achievement given the wide-ranging brief and challenging circumstances surrounding our first shoot since the announcement of lockdown.

This was a true showcase of Team ITG’s renowned agility, responsiveness and use of cutting-edge technology to deliver a finished product that has been very well received by Whitbread.

Since posting, the CleanProtect has received over 10,000 views on YouTube alone.

For more information about Team ITG’s world-leading technology and award-winning services, contact hello@itg.co.uk.

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