World Poetry Day Challenge: finding inspiration in isolation.

Three wonderful women from across our agencies wrote poems during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020: Fran Griffin, Charlotte Robins and Olivia Furniss-Roe

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Originally published in Campaign Live, 21st March 2020.

When sat at home on my own

Feeling ever more slightly alone

Trying to ignore constant pings from my phone

I loosen up and let me head roam

I look for adventure in the mundane

Till the bathroom tap drip becomes rain

On the leaves of my little pot plant

Grown into a forest of enchant

With branches reaching up to my light

Which transforms into sunshine so bright

And despite the cold March sleet

I feel warmth in this tropical heat

My eyes turn to the curve of my dull wood floor

Which glitters like a far-away golden sea shore

The grey London pigeons on my grey garden wall

Now make a sound like a seagull’s call

Whilst the coming and going of cars

Is nothing but the foam of waves as they pass

I scrunch up my eyes just to take it all in

As the mixture of sounds in my head start to ring

The walls of this paradise take over my body

As I realise I might have overdone it on the coffee 

Olivia Furniss-Roe, Media Planner and Buyer, Mediahub

Five days at home, who knows how many more

Virtual meetings taking over the world; I wore

PJs for the first one, not realising the fucking video was on

Now it's normal. The settling in bit is gone

and there's something productive about the silence

Something motivational in London's defiance

I almost want to hear voices, laughter – just not a cough

Ironic that I usually want everyone to fuck off

Fran Griffin, Senior Strategist, MullenLowe Open

Take up arms and a weapon of choice

Your mind starts searching for its newfound voice

Time is rarely the enemy of the self-doubting soul’s greatness

Grasp it. Build our world something new; something courageous

Devour encyclopaedias of the digital spheres

Immerse yourself in what you know already calms mankind’s fears

Join up the dots between the pages of time and space

Link it all together to capture answers we have always chased

The time is now: find yourself and your humanitarian call

Alone we are together, and together overcomes it all.

Charlotte Robins, Creative, MullenLowe

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