Are you ready to get into the ring?

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Just like with Rocky, you know there’s got to be a sequel. So once again, we’re looking for punchy, passionate people with an opinion, for Oystercatchers’ FIGHT CLUB on 7th July 2020.

We’ll be holding more rap battle style lightening-fights where our speakers get to argue their case, face off against each other, and then turn to the audience to see who they side with. All glory and a stunning trophy to the winner! Heckling is positively encouraged.

And whilst this all sounds like fun (which it is), the topics we’ll be debating will be absolutely serious.

eve Sleep's CMO, Cheryl Calverley, revealed as the winner last year

The rules of Fight Club:

  1. Talk about Fight Club as much as you want. The more the better.
  2. Pick your fight. The topic you want to discuss has to have an opposing view that someone else is going to reasonably want to argue for.
  3. Keep it clean and fair. No below the belt blows.
  4. Have fun!

Broad topics we covered last year included agency models, creativity and data, and the role of the intermediary. You can send us your ideas on this subjects and more, including:

  • CMO’s aren’t using their secret weapon – creativity
  • Agencies do a rubbish job of selling the value of creativity
  • Marketing is losing ground to procurement
  • Agencies aren’t commercial which is why they’re under threat from inhousing vs clients are just looking to cut costs but in the long term they’ll damage their creative output
  • In-house vs. out-sourced. What’s really the best way to deliver results?
  • Specialist vs integrated – what model delivers the best results for clients?
  • Do the power of specialist disciplines suffer when delivered by large integrated agencies that don’t fully get them?
  • Creativity vs Data - The might of data and the algorithm vs. unpredictable and unproven creative
  • Data is overrated
  • Customer focussed vs data focussed – who gets the best results
  • Influencer marketing is only for millennials, it doesn’t have reach with the more affluent older generations who don’t get social
  • People don’t care about their privacy if they get stuff for free
  • Social media is evil
  • FMCG brands are asleep at the wheel on sustainability
  • Brands only pay lip service to diversity
  • Is brand purpose the future or the emperor’s new clothes?

Still need convincing? This is what one of our 2019 fighters said (and don't forget to check out the highlights here):

“...that was the most fun I've had at an industry event by an absolute country mile. The concept was brilliant, the detail of the execution was brilliant, the venue was AMAZING, and f*** I enjoyed myself!”

If you reckon you’ve got what it takes to fight and win your corner, then get in touch with Rebecca Lalonde to tell us what you want to fight for.


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