Great Expectations

In today’s always-on world, our relationship with brands has evolved. We expect our preferences to be known, and our needs anticipated.

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Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C business, this is difficult to do. But, with customer expectations growing faster than brands and products’ ability to meet them*, it’s a challenge that cannot be ignored.

However, businesses that are able to solve this conundrum can reap considerable benefits such as increased loyalty and greater advocacy.

Team ITG are here to help you do just that. Our award-winning brand specialists can support your marketers with deep insight and analysis and creative concepts that achieve cut-through across any and every channel.

How? Keep it simple.


Obvious, right? But it’s important – no assumptions, no guesswork, just find out exactly what your customers want and then invest accordingly.


This goes for everyone – whether you’re in marketing, delivery or production, it’s vital all teams understand what your customer needs and are working in collaboration to deliver it. It only takes one team member to be out of step for it all to fall apart.


Customers love brands with a clearly defined purpose, and if it’s one that they share then they’ll keep coming back. It’s not enough just to provide a service anymore, you’ve got to have a strong sense of identity to really resonate.


Your brand is only what your customers say it is. So have no fear – embrace every comment, piece of feedback and opinion, and make sure you respond quickly.

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*Source: Deloitte, 2018

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