ITG appoints new Managing Director of Customer Services

To ensure customers achieve the maximum benefits of its game-changing marketing technology, Canopy, Team ITG has appointed John Kirk to the role of Managing Director of Customer Services.

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John has a wealth of knowledge and experience in technology implementations, having delivered over 100 of them in eight years at ITG. In his new role, John’s focus is to ensure that ITG’s multiple blue-chip customers fully understand its cutting-edge technology stack, Canopy, and how to maximise its potential in their business.

Canopy is our game-changing marketing ecosystem that gives global brands complete control across every channel and every market. Cloud-based and powered by a hyper-advanced DAM, Canopy is intuitive, elegant and makes multichannel mayhem a thing of the past. The next generation of marketing technology, it is a workflow system that simplifies briefing, approvals, creation, ordering and reporting. The icing on the cake is its powerful modules: Canopy Create has the power to produce personalised global campaigns in a click and Canopy Deploy makes complex CRM campaigns simpler than ever before.

With an MBA from Manchester Business School and nearly a decade’s worth of experience at ITG, John brings his unique know-how and tech expertise to this important new role.

“I am privileged to have worked for ITG for over eight years and to have been part of its rapid and continued growth,” John commented. “Having followed hundreds of marketing technology companies over many years, I can truly say that ITG’s latest technology developments are ground breaking and will soon transform the marketing operations arena.”

For more information about Team ITG’s world-leading technology and award-winning services, contact / 01564 653128.

Team ITG

Team ITG is a global technology-led marketing business. Its game-changing marketing execution platform, CanopyCloud, simplifies multichannel marketing, automates tedious manual processes and frees marketers to focus on creative strategy. With a blend of next generation technology and award-winning services, Team ITG creates and delivers content for global campaigns in over 160 countries and 52 languages.