Radioville – Almost Famous Podcast Series 1

Listen to the first series of our co-produced podcast Almost Famous in which Barnaby Slater chats to guests who grew up with famous family members and asks how it has affected their journeys through life.

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The presenter of this podcast, Barnaby Slater, is not famous...

He's pleased about this. At least, he thinks he is. But Barnaby has spent his life surrounded by fame. His dad had a couple of hits as lead singer of a Liverpool band back in the 60s. His mum was a pop star in the 70s and in the 90s, his stepdad became the most famous TV comedy panel show presenter in the country. Barnaby is aware that this isn't your average upbringing and after not-nearly-enough therapy wants to speak to other people who have grown up around celebrity to see how it has affected their own journeys through life, especially those who have also chosen to pursue careers in the public eye. Almost Famous is a sometimes funny, sometimes serious, look at how our perception of fame differs from the reality.

Check out the series with guests like Nicola Wren (Chris Martin’s sister), Rhodri Giggs (brother of Ryan Giggs), Rosa Hoskins (daughter of Bob Hoskins) and Grace Campbell (Alastair Campbell’s daughter), and loads more.

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Twitter: @podalmostfamous

Instagram: almostfamousthepodcast

Producers: Emily James & Radioville

Recorded at Big Kahuna Studios (

Music: Blunt

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