Spotlight on ITN Productions

Shining a light on our agency Club members through our 'Spotlight on' blog, this month we bring you ITN Productions.

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1. Describe ITN Productions in three words

  • Innovative
  • Authentic 
  • Storytelling

2. What makes you unique? 

We are an independent production company combining 60 years experience of delivering high end live news broadcasts into 10 million homes nationwide combined with a young, energetic, dynamic and creative content production agency making advertising firsts across branded online content and live TV platforms.

ITN Productions are one of very few production companies to be able to offer 6 specialist divisions all under one roof – Advertising, Broadcast, Sport, News, Education and Archive. 

This unique infrastructure allows ITNP to offer cross divisional collaboration, lending expertise from the best and most relevant specialisms to ensure the best production solution is offered to brands directly, creative and media agencies

3. Tell us something we don’t know about ITN Productions? 

As well as creating award winning TV for the likes of Sky, Channel 4 and Netflix, we also make more hours of programming content for Channel 5 than any other production company. We’re also the only Production company trusted by ITV to deliver live TV adverts making our Advertising division one of the leading innovators in TV advertising production.

Oh and we have 60+ in house edit suites, 4 live TV galleries, one of the largest MCRs in the country and seven satellites on the roof which helps!

4. What work are you most proud of?

We are currently producing a new series of ‘What’s New at M&S Food’ which is a social content series featuring Emma Willis, Amanda Holden, Paddy McGuinness and Rochelle Humes.

This is a great example of how we successfully manage a direct to brand relationship, and how brands are looking more seriously at ‘TV style’ formats for their audience on social. 

Earlier this year we also managed to deliver the World’s first live advert powered by 5G. We have been creating live adverts for over 4 years but this one using 5G was a proud moment for us and paves the way for a more ecologically friendly wireless solution to live broadcast. 

5. What’s been your biggest challenge?

Changing people’s perceptions of what we do here. The majority of people we initially talk to either think we are ITV or that we’re just a news channel. We’re neither. We’re one of the largest independent production companies in the UK and have produced award winning content on a global scale from the IAAF World Athletic Championships held in 2019 from Doha, to hard hitting documentaries for C4 and Netflix like 'For Sama'. We are also paving the way in adverting production with our award winning authentic storytelling and live capabilities. 

The fact we work with brands directly, media and creative agencies means we have a 360 view of the media landscape and are able to plug our capabilities into any brief for any platform anywhere in the world. 

6. What are you doing to transform the way you work with clients? 

We are pushing our clients towards greater innovation and collaboration. We are combining our advertising and TV expertise to service our clients in a more rounded way that really resonates with the audiences they are looking to converse and engage with. We have ex creative agency innovators, ex digital designers and ex TV series producers that combined offer a truly unique offering.  

7. If you could give clients one piece of advice what would it be?

Be brave! Audiences are looking to consume engaging content that they can own and share, brands need to be brave, authentic and innovative in their approach. 

8. How are you future-proofing? 

We always ensure we have the right combination of talent and technical capabilities to remain ahead, or at least in line with the curve. This makes us agile and able to adapt to any future trends in the industry. 

9. Marketing predictions for the next year?

The roll out of 5G next year will see a greater amount of content being produced, downloaded and streamed than ever before. Additional technologies that 5G brings such as driver less cars will also free up our time to consume even more of what we want, when we want, in any location we would like to be.

10. Best kept secret for Friday drinks?

Our offices in Grays Inn Road near Farringdon are walking distance to many fine drinking establishments, street food down Leather Lane is always a must to put a lining on the old stomach before Friday drinks are unleashed. Feel free to come join us.

Check out ITN Productions profile here on our website where you can view their latest work and updates. And here's to seeing them in Leather Lane sometime soon!


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