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Oystercatchers Club, 19th May 2020

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One of the findings from the Creative Industries Culture index was that the key desires  - what people want to see as opposed to their personal values or the values they currently see in their organisation -  include sustainability and equality. This was across the board – all levels, client and agency. These values – Sustainability, Equality, Integrity – are top of the list in society at large too - evidenced by the books at the Foyles checkout recently.

 We also see consumers demanding it more of the brands they use. 20 years ago this was CSR, now it’s table stakes. It’s causing businesses to reassess their behaviour – not only can it be a business benefit to operate in a more sustainable way, but for brands that don’t it will potentially be bad for growth.

It's a much more complex issue that it first appears and we'll be tackling it at the Oystercatchers Club on Tuesday 19th May, 2020. Amongst other things, we'll be asking:

  • Where does good corporate responsibility/behaviour end and brand purpose begin?
  • How does a brand own their ‘good’ and how do they do it in an authentic way?
  • Is it marketing’s responsibility to drive this agenda and own the conversation?
  • Should agencies be pushing this agenda with their clients, and/or should clients demand their agency partners behave in a similar way?
  • Should agencies boycott brands that behave in an unethical or unsustainable way?
  • How do we square the circle of consumers demanding authenticity with the rise of fake news?
  • A principle is only a principle when it costs you something. Are consumers really only fairweather fans of brand purpose?
  • How do brands weather the storm of internal commercial pressures, to stick to the brand purpose agenda?

Join us, our panel, and our community of senior marketers to get to grips with this topical and pressing issue.

If you'd a senior brand side marketer, or Oystercatchers Club member, please email rebecca.lalonde@theoystercatchers.com  to attend.


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