Agencies have 'healthier' cultures than brand-side marketing teams, says new study

The Creative Industries Culture Index was run in partnership with Oystercatchers and Campaign.

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Agencies love their jobs more than clients, unless you are in the new business role in an agency! With around 300 respondents to the freshly launched Creative Industries Culture Index, that’s a significant number of people.

As champions of culture as a growth driver, we partnered with Brands with Values and Campaign to discover the cultural state of health of the UK creative industry. Devised and executed by Brands with Values, the aim was to explore the desires, observations and motivations of agency staff and marketers.

What’s great is that the whole of the creative industry has a much more positive response to their culture and jobs than many industries, so there is clearly a story to tell. If we can attract great talent, people will enjoy their careers in our industry. It also goes against perhaps the more common perspective, that people would rather be a client than in an agency at the moment!

As our Managing Partner Jude Bridge has commented, “"It's heartening to see that overall our industry has a healthy and positive culture - where people at all levels can get personal as well as professional satisfaction. That has to be good news for business performance. It’s interesting to see that the values of community and social purpose are increasingly consistent with the desire for success.

She added, “We should not underestimate the power of shared values to accelerate growth."

Adrian Walcott, the director of Brands with Values, has said that the Creative Industry Culture Index has demonstrated that as humans first there is more that connects than divides us. And these connectors are visible every day in the workplace, supported by a united view of the industry they want to work in, in the future.

"Regardless of orientation or seniority, creative industry folks are connected by shared values. These values show up in their places of work, which are healthy overall and are supported by an aligned view of the future around selflessness, greater inclusion and drive towards social purpose."

We’re looking forward to discussing culture as a performance driver at tonight’s Club evening.

Please click here to read Campaign’s full report on the Index



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