Lifting the veil on Muslim consumers

​With over 3.4 million Muslim people in the UK, it’s fair to say the face of Britain is changing. Brands need to acknowledge this, which is why we created the S̶t̶e̶r̶e̶o̶types Study.

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To understand what it really means to be Muslim in the UK, we commissioned a survey of 1,000 Muslims. We already knew that distinct food & drink consumption patterns are intertwined with Muslim beliefs, so a large part of our study is about uncovering what opportunities this can provide brands in this industry.

Our first “S̶t̶e̶r̶e̶o̶types Study” solely is dedicated to celebrating the beauty and nuances of being British & Muslim, and highlights the growing market of 3.4 million people who together have an incredible buying power of over £20 billion. This study is pivotal, both as a tool for empowerment to qualify the discrimination Muslims face in the UK, as well as to uncover the realities of being a Muslim consumer. We hope that it becomes a useful resource for not only Muslim entrepreneurs hoping to build businesses for their own community, but also for mainstream companies who need to realise that this untapped market deserves representation, by taking the steps to actively include them. It is a celebration of the developing bicultural identity British Muslims are founding, and is a pivotal piece of research in solidifying the Muslim community as a cornerstone of British identity.

We found that 52% of Muslims think that insensitive campaigns are made on purpose to perpetuate overtly negative stereotypes and to gain free publicity for the brand. We have to reject the idea that “there is no such thing as bad publicity” because it is damaging the representation of Muslim people. Of the little representation this group have, we need reinforce accurate depiction of their values, beliefs and perspectives. It is, therefore, also up to Muslim consumers to realise that their money has immense buying power and to learn the importance of channelling their money and time into organisations and brands that stand by and for them.

As we celebrate Eid-ul Fitr, this study is pivotal in celebrating this community, it reinforces the legitimacy of the growing British Muslim Diaspora, and shows how far 'Britishness' has changed and developed in the last century alone. As a country, we have seen our sense of ‘Britishness’ shift at the hands of a dividing Brexit result. Therefore we pose the all important question: Do you consider yourself British?

To see how Muslims really feel about their identity in the UK and how that affects your organisation, click here.

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