Natalie Richardson has been ranked as one of the top 100 UK business developers

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Our New Business & Marketing Director Natalie Richardson has made it into The Drum BD100 2019 list, meaning she ranks as one of the top 100 business developers in the UK!

The list which was founded last year is designed to ‘bring attention to these crucial - but rarely publicly recognised - talents within agencies’ who are driving client-agency relationships in the UK.

Natalie’s had an immediate impact since joining agenda21 and is responsible for winning some fantastic clients and continuously striving to be better – she thoroughly deserves to be on this year’s list.

To see the full BD100 list


We’re a modern media agency built for the constantly changing digital world. We exist to shorten the time between a client’s media investment and great stuff happening. Great stuff like driving sales, finding new customers, building market share, launching get the gist. We build connected media for our clients. This means using media that is addressable, ad-servable or conditionally delivered with the purpose of liberating your creative messages and business. If we can’t validate, track and measure it, we don’t do it. When used properly this media and the data captured, creates stories that become the intelligence engine that drives what you do and means you can act now and act fast. We work best with people that don't want business as usual, who want to change how they do stuff and are trying to speed up what they do. That could mean you’re a new start-up or a business trying to secure second round funding. Or you might be a traditional business who recognises there is a need to change. And change now. If you sound like that sort of client, we'll probably work very well with you.

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