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We want to hear from you to shape the findings of the first ever Creative Industry Culture Index and it will only take a few moments of your time.

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It’s well recognised that a strong company culture has a big impact on business performance. It affects an organisation’s ability to innovate, compete and engage employees and customers through common values and shared goals, delivering proven superior performance in the long run.

This is certainly true for the creative industries. Culture is a pivotal factor in our fast-moving and rapidly changing world. The right culture can help leaders build a coherent organisation that withstands challenges around attracting and retaining talent, driving growth, championing diversity, and supporting well-being. However, whilst these issues are recognised, how and where they manifest, together with what can be done to address them can sometimes be elusive.

As one of the UK’s leading intermediaries, Oystercatchers has a deep understanding of and engagement with the marketing community, both agency and brand, through our consulting and pitch services and the Oystercatchers Club and Awards which recognise the value of strong cultures including the ‘Best Place to Work’.

It's why we've partnered with Brands With Values and Campaign to launch the first Creative Industries cultural index. Using Brands with Values' Culture Decoder tool, we aim to shine a light on the most pertinent issues that affect culture in tangible and accessible ways whilst offering clarity as to how individuals and organisations can take robust action to drive happier, inclusive and more productive workplaces.

The Culture Decoder has been designed to probe cultures in a transformative way by deciphering the values that underpin organisations. We are encouraging all our Club members to take part. This is the first comprehensive Cultural Index of its kind, that will provide the industry with game changing findings based on you and your motivations, your desires and your observations around the current culture.

We'll then be looking at the results and discussing how Culture Drives Performance at the Oystercatchers Club evening on 28th January.

We want to hear from agency and brand people of all kinds — whether you’ve just graduated and landed your first job or whether you’re the agency owner or a brand leader with 20+ years’ experience, we want to give you a voice.

The survey takes a few minutes to complete and everyone who participates will receive a complimentary copy of the findings from this ground-breaking Creative industries benchmark.

We will also be offering a number of lucky winners a free Culture Audit on their own organisation together with information on how they benchmark.

How it works:

Complete the short values-based survey and then circulate this email throughout your agency/marketing department, encouraging your teams to complete it. The more people that take part, the richer and more insightful the data will be.


We’ll crunch the data and in January unveil the results to everyone who has participated, as well as discuss the findings in more detail at the Oystercatchers Club event on 28 January. To attend please get in touch with

For more information visit


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