YOSushiRamenKatsuStirfryCurryBaoBurgerGyozaFriesYakisobaMochiBallsFriedChickenPopcornShrimpBeefTeriyakiChocolateBrownie is a bit impractical so decided to just stick to YO!

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Too often, we Brits get stuck in a rut of boring sandwiches, heavy carbs or tasteless salads. YOSushiRamenKatsuStirfryCurryBaoBurgerGyozaFriesYakisobaMochiBallsFriedChickenPopcornShrimpBeefTeriyakiChocolateBrownie are on a mission to inspire Britain to be more adventurous with their food choices; and to discover the world of fresh, exciting and delicious Japanese food. To support this vision, the brand relaunched to show Britain that we offer so much more than just sushi; there's a veritable rainbow of Japanese flavours to be explored through our doors.

As part of the rebranding campaign, restaurant signage was updated to a monster 121-character sign extending over 12ft featuring no fewer than 17 options from the menu - including dishes such as; Ramen, Mochi balls and Beef Teriyaki.  Staff wore new uniforms, chefs wore bespoke hats and our human sandwich boards were 4 metres long. Our CEO made an official announcement and our name change was reflected across our website, social media accounts and even our Deliveroo shop-front.

We admit now, however, that whilst the rebrand was a good idea on paper, in reality YO!SushiRamenKatsuCurryBaoBurgerGyozaFriesYakisobaMochiBallsFriedChickenPopcornShrimpBeefTeriyakiChocolateBrownie proved to be a little on the impractical side. For example, only a few of our restaurants can fit the new signs, and it makes a very awkward hashtag.

Therefore, we at YO!SushiRamenKatsuCurryBaoBurgerGyozaFriesYakisobaMochiBallsFriedChickenPopcornShrimpBeefTeriyakiChocolateBrownie have had a bit of a re-think and decided to go with the slightly simpler name of YO!

Mark Sng, Partner & Head of Planning at Pablo said “The rebrand communicated a very important message, but did so with real fun and personality that sparked real conversation.”

Gareth Mercer

Founding Partner, Pablo

Gareth Mercer is the founding partner of Pablo, one of the fastest growing boutique advertising agencies in the UK. He has over 18 years experience working both client and agency side for a number of UK leading brands and companies including Adidas, VW Group, Carlsberg Group, Premier Inn, Nutella, Kinder, Kopparberg and NHSBT Give Blood. Previous to Pablo Gareth was Commercial Director at CRC running a portfolio of agencies across digital, retail and advertising.