The Gym Group Bringing flexible fitness to over half a million people

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The challenge

One of the main challenges The Gym Group faced was differentiating themselves within a crowded market. They needed to make sure their products offered a clear, distinctive identity with a powerful message. One that would attract new customers, engage brand enthusiasts and motivate them to act. But their technical platform held them back.

Our detailed doing

A cloud licensing model meant we could design an elastic Azure based infrastructure to deliver a high performing and very high availability channel. Hosted across two European Azure regions and fronted by a CDN, we delivered a scaling primary solution and a dynamic DR failover. This is imperative for this business-critical platform because it provides members with access to the gyms via their digitally-activated membership and unique passcode for entry.


+30 Growth in membership


The successful development and implementation of our proprietary software layer is game-changing for us in terms of Customer Experience. It gives us control over a critical component of our digital infrastructure, allowing us to develop product and proposition enhancements at our own speed. This ability is already paying dividends, allowing us to bring a major proposition enhancement to market only 3 months after we launched the new platform. This ability to rapidly innovate and refine will become a major point of differentiation.

Jasper McIntosh, CIO The Gym Group

Rufus Leonard

Ever since our founders, Neil and Darrel, started Rufus Leonard 29 years ago, we have been helping businesses create extraordinary experiences for their colleagues and their customers across all touchpoints. We do this with an engineering mindset, which means we’re both visionary thinkers and detailed doers. We believe this holistic approach is critical for success in an increasingly complex world. Our integrated offer enables us to design, build and fine-tune the engines of Extraordinary Brand Experience – Organisational Engagement, Brand Optimisation, Service Design & Build and Technology. Supporting brands like Lloyds Banking Group, British Gas, Reckitt Benckiser, Royal Mail, Stagecoach, BBC and Aggreko.

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