Yorkshire Building Society and Red Brick Road Launch Campaign to Safeguard the Financial Futures of British Children

Red Brick Road have created a £2m new integrated campaign for Yorkshire Building Society to continue to deliver its “Real Help with Real Life” brand purpose. The campaign, that breaks this week, will run across print, digital, social and radio.

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Research conducted by Yorkshire Building Society in 2019 found that 15% of people don’t have any savings and 26% of those with savings only have enough saved to last them one month or less. Factors like these heavily contribute to feelings of a lack of security, of anxiety, and even to depression. By developing good savings habits early, people are far more likely to retain the good habit later in life.

The “Pass it On” campaign, which promotes a range of Children’s Savings Accounts, strives to help people understand the importance of getting into a savings habit early and show how this can help to improve both their financial and emotional wellbeing. But children aren’t going to start saving on their own. Critical to achieving this behavior change was enlisting the help of the wider family unit: the parents, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles to kick-start their younger family members’ savings habit by actively encouraging it themselves and by passing on their wealth of knowledge about money management. 

Running across Print, Digital, Social and Radio, the campaign reflects all the wonderful things parents and grandparents can pass on to their children – a musical talent or love of swimming – and remind them that a responsible attitude to money is another important skill they can pass on.  By partnering with Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) to instill positive attitudes to money management, not only can parents and grandparents ingrain positive financial habits, but they can provide a tangible benefit to their children and grand children’s future financial security (whether that is help towards university fees or buying their first home).

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