Elton John – ‘Me’ Official Autobiography

Elton John’s first and only autobiography launched on 15th October, titled ‘Me’. Our main objective was to drive sales and secure No 1 in the best seller lists.

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With a film, tour and multiple media appearances we wanted to maximise not cannibalise Elton’s exposure in 2019. The challenge being Elton had a PR tour for us to work around, so many media outlets were already covered by interviews (TV, Press, Radio).  Elton’s team already manage his social media outlets so the Pan Macmillan team wanted us to focus solely on an outdoor campaign.

As Elton needs no introduction, our challenge was  to ensure we were getting optimum reach in each of the selected environments. We knew the creative would be impactful, so we planned  large roadside towers in London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham plus London NR Transvisions for launch day. The bulk of the campaign was planned to run across Road and Rail Digital 6 and 48 sheets. Culminating in a bus wrap both interior and exterior running on a London route for 4 weeks.

In addition to launching ‘Me’, we needed to keep the campaigns momentum going into the Christmas gifting market, so have flighted the activity across a three month period to support the PR schedule.

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