British Gas Depot

Empowering 2,000 engineers 15% - increase in customer satisfaction +£44 - increase in average order value +1%- increase in sales conversion (£3m incremental revenue)

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British Gas has one of the largest mobile workforces in the country, which presents them with the challenge of communicating with and motivating engineers who often feel disconnected from the rest of the organisation.


To help tackle this, we designed and built a solution that delivered services via the engineers’ iPads, integrated with SalesForce. The app not only encapsulated all the content in the sales manuals and brochures, but it also acted as a communication hub for those on the move.

Rufus Leonard

Ever since our founders, Neil and Darrel, started Rufus Leonard 29 years ago, we have been helping businesses create extraordinary experiences for their colleagues and their customers across all touchpoints. We do this with an engineering mindset, which means we’re both visionary thinkers and detailed doers. We believe this holistic approach is critical for success in an increasingly complex world. Our integrated offer enables us to design, build and fine-tune the engines of Extraordinary Brand Experience – Organisational Engagement, Brand Optimisation, Service Design & Build and Technology. Supporting brands like Lloyds Banking Group, British Gas, Reckitt Benckiser, Royal Mail, Stagecoach, BBC and Aggreko.

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