Marshall: Putting Creative Expression Centre Stage.

Redefining the voice of a musical legend.

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Ask the average music lover nowadays what their favourite type of music is and chances are they’d be hard pushed to give you a definitive answer. This is despite the Spotify generation having a wider range of music than ever before, literally at their fingertips.

So in a market where genres are blurred and less easily defined, how could Marshall with a reputation firmly synonymous with Rock and Roll, continue to be relevant to the next generation of music makers?

The truth is, although Marshall and their iconic amps and cabinets were always associated with Rock, their core strength lies in allowing musicians the freedom to create their own sound. Whatever sound that might be.

Our strategy was to build on this truth and Marshall’s roots of being musical pioneers. In doing so, a whole new audience is reached and usual genre boundaries are surpassed allowing us to celebrate creativity. The very essence of making music.

Under the rally cry of ‘Empowering creative expression’, our creative and design framework permits Marshall to be more expressive, putting the music makers centre stage (aptly enough). Now, the musicians talk about the music they create with Marshall, describing their differing sounds. Sounds that are as diverse as the musicians themselves.

This bold tone of voice talks to our audience in an authentic way, cementing Marshall as the artists’ choice. The brand that helps shape their sound.


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