Swinton Insurance: Turn Nagging Doubt into Nothing to Worry About.

Putting the confidence back in to the insurance market.

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The ‘get it done quick and feel great’ message of today’s insurance ads have changed the way we buy insurance. But is ‘quick’ right? In fact, our research showed 71% weren’t exactly sure what they were covered for after they bought, making it clear there’s a big difference between getting covered fast, and having the right cover.

Meet ‘Nagging Doubt’. He’s the physical embodiment of our insurance worries – that little niggle at the back of our minds – and the ‘anti-hero’ in our brand platform for Swinton Insurance. Alongside the strapline ‘Turn Nagging Doubt into nothing-to-worry about’, the character will showcase Swinton’s ability to put the nation’s minds at ease, so customers feel more confident about their insurance decisions.

Cute? Far from it. He appears at the very moment in our adverts when people start to question their insurance, and will be ‘removed’ in a number of unconventional scenarios.

So we deliberately enlisted Director, Julian Pugsley, along with legendary Hollywood special effects guru, Bob Kurtzman (the man behind ‘From Dusk Til’ Dawn’, ‘Dances with Wolves’ and many more – check out his IMDB page) to create something ‘quite disconcerting’.

Wherever the customer interacts with this campaign; on TV, press, social, DM, display or in branch, Swinton’s role will be clear – to ‘Turn Nagging Doubt into nothing-to-worry about’.


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