Florette: What's your Flavourette?

Waxing lyrical about a new flavour.

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Florette is the leading branded bagged salad in supermarkets, where its competition is with the retailer’s own label options. The brand plays a leadership role in the category because it’s at the forefront of innovation – introducing new products, mixes, flavours and formats to make salad more exciting, tasty and convenient.

Florette’s own research has found that the taste repertoire of salad lovers is expanding, and that their salad shop is no longer a ‘one bag buy’. Increasingly, shoppers are choosing their salad mixes with specific meals in mind, ensuring they have the right salad to accompany the rest of their dish.

Unsurprisingly, the research also revealed that people have different tastes when it comes to salad. Specifically, it showed that Florette’s Classic Crispy mix polarises people – some love and swear by its strong flavour profile, whereas others reject it for the very same reason and prefer a sweeter taste. Not only that, the research found that the group that prefers sweeter leaves has been growing in recent years.

This finding led to the development and launch of the new Florette Sweet Crispy mix in the UK. When it came to developing the launch campaign for the product, we decided that the divergent tastes of salad buyers would be a powerful insight.

By contrasting Classic Crispy and new Sweet Crispy, we have been able to announce the new product, better explain its taste profile and communicate that Florette has, once again, added to its range to meet everybody’s tastes. And creatively, we’ve successfully engaged audiences by inviting them to takes sides with the question ‘What’s your Flavourette?’

The rap battle ad saw us conduct our own talent show to find our charismatic protagonists who represent the two variants. We also collaborated with musicians and battle rap specialists to create the fun and vibrant ad.

The campaign is running across TV, print, online, social media and supermarket promotions.


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