Carlsberg Probably 'NOT' Campaign

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Carlsberg was in trouble. People no longer believed we were ‘Probably the best beer in the world’.

To reverse declining sales and turn Carlsberg brand love into Carlsberg beer love, we had to find a way to appeal to both our existing audience as well as a new one who had come to expect more taste and more quality from a pint.

Carlsberg acknowledged that in the UK they had fallen below their own high brewing standards and so took the brave decision to go back to the brewhouse in pursuit of better. They emerged with a New Danish Pilsner - completely rebrewed from head to hop.

But to reset perception, we’d need to win in the court of public opinion… This brave new brew required an even braver campaign.

The Big Idea

For Carlsberg to win, a traditional campaign wouldn’t cut it – to get people to change the way they thought about Carlsberg, we first needed to get people talking about Carlsberg.

And for this, we needed to address the Elephant in the room.

Introducing… Probably not the best campaign in the world.

Through a unique partnership with Twitter, the most outspoken place on the net, we threw the marketing rulebook out of the window and launched a campaign that embraced the haters, promoting the most negative tweets about Carlsberg we could find.

We ran probably not the best outdoor campaign -  that was noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Staff at Carlsberg were so worried they even changed their LinkedIn profiles to “looking for new opportunities”.

And once we were sure everyone was talking about it, we pulled the rug with a national media campaign that announced… new Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, rebrewed from head to hop. – a new dawn for Carlsberg brand and most importantly – a new brew. 

Making It Happen

We used a powerful combination of data, programmatic media, and AMP, our audience management platform, to ensure that everyone who had seen our brutally honest campaign was introduced to our New Danish Pilsner – across TV, Outdoor, Print & Digital.

And of course, where it all started, Twitter.

That was just the beginning. We had to prove ourselves with our very worst critics. So we replied to each and every social media comment, settling the debate the only way we knew how – by buying them a pint of our new Danish Pilsner, closing the loop on the conversations we started.

To ensure everyone tried the new brew, we set up trial stations across the country, and even served people free pint vouchers straight to their phones by geo targeting them while they travelled to the pub.


Building our AMP audiences in YouGov meant we could pull them into BrandIndex to track the impact on Carlsberg’s brand health.

Since launching the campaign, Carlsberg’s Quality score with our AMP audiences has increased by +31%, 1.5 times that of the general 18+ population at +20%.

Even more importantly, Consideration and Purchase Intent increased by +36% and +147% respectively, far outstripping the wider population gains of +4% and +14%

On trade rate of sale is up double digits YoY in key national retailers since campaign launch.

We got the nation talking and importantly, they seem to be liking the new brew! A risk worth taking? Probably.