British Red Cross: Helping Britain turn kindness into action

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The challenge

The British Red Cross exist to create a world where everyone gets the help they need in a crisis. But over time, the website had grown too big - reaching more than 4,000 pages - and it was confusing to use. Our challenge was to not only build a better website, but to create a digital experience that showcased the British Red Cross putting kindness into action.

Our visionary thinking

We wanted to inspire and grow the supporter network, promoting how the organisation puts kindness to work and is building a more humane world.

Our detailed doing

With a thorough understanding of the diverse target audience and their needs, we set about creating a website that was inherently task-focused. With content that promotes clarity and uses storytelling to motivate action, we made the new experience inclusive and accessible, specifically for those in need at a time of crisis.

"Working together with Rufus Leonard not only helped us move more quickly, it enabled us to bring knowledge back to the British Red Cross and put the customer at the heart of what we were doing. Ultimately, we delivered a website that we are all very proud of. A true collaborative approach with agency and client seamlessly integrated."

Rosie Slater-Carr

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

British Red Cross

Rufus Leonard

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