THINK JAM: Deadpool 2 Youtube sequencing campaign

We worked with the Fox team to create an engaging sequential pre-roll ad sequence that ran on YouTube. Using green screen assets and film footage, Deadpool directly engaged the consumer. The campaign resulted in a 198% uplift in organic title searches after being exposed to the sequence.

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The brief from Twentieth Century Fox was to break the ‘Fourth Wall’ to engage with audiences and utilise the personality of Deadpool himself. Using a multistep branching sequence to drive digital download, with Deadpool himself providing the skip and view messaging, viewers were thrilled and delighted with the bespoke content they were shown. Each bespoke skippable pre-roll identified where the viewer was on their journey. They were initially served an action packed trailer for the film. If they watched the full video on their next visit to YouTube, Deadpool would pop back up and thank them for paying him attention and show an exclusive deleted scene. If they skipped however he would return on their next visit. All users were served a final short click with key product messaging on their return to YouTube. The result was an increase of 198 % in organic title searches after viewing the sequences on YouTube. Alongside this, an in stream sequence drove an uplift in engagement of 60.22% versus an industry benchmark of 25%.

In recognition of these fantastic results we were awarded a Youtube Works award! …

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