Lush ditches its social media

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The cosmetic chain known for making bold moves when it comes to PR and marketing has decided to remove itself from all social media platforms. Lush took the decision after its ongoing problems with algorithms in which they refuse to pay to appear in news feeds, stating “Increasingly, social media is making it harder and harder for us to talk to each other directly”.

What’s the brand’s solution? They’ve controversially asked their 1.2m followers to go directly through their websites live chat, email and even telephone. The results of this are one many brand’s will be keeping an eye on as if successful many could follow suit; however, this is equally uncharted territory with unknown results.

Our Head of Paid Media, James Duffy, gives his view on Lush’s recent actions:

“This is a really interesting move by Lush which follows the trends for DTC brands to want to control the conversations they have with their audience. I really admire their confidence to do it.

They will know their customers better than anyone so holding that conversation in an environment that they control should in theory allow them to deepen the relationship they have. In part this will be through better data collection and using this data to improve communication to their audience.

For example, tailoring messaging and targeting based on interactions with individuals that have occurred through all stages of browsing to purchase to new product launches etc.

Overall, I am not sure other brands will follow suit immediately, but other DTC brands will definitely be watching to judge if they should also make the leap to take back more control.”

As featured in Mediatel. To read the full article click here.


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