Why are some advertisers turning off brand safety controls?

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In partnership with Digiday, Cheq recently took a deep-dive into all things brand safety and delved into why some advertisers turn off brand safety controls. Their full report answers the burning questions: What content do advertisers steer clear? Does safety negate reach? Who should take responsibility for brand safety? The role of publishers and how does this effect monetisation of content?

Our Operations and Ad-Tech Director, Leena Vara-Patel, contributed to the report, explaining in her view that it’s a short-sighted approach to remove safety measures:

“As a practitioner that is on the front line and dealing with this issue on a daily basis, it’s unsurprising to me that brand safety remains a topic of concern for clients and that clients have concerns about the adequacy tools.

Whilst the tools we have in place at the moment aren’t perfect, I am surprised that such a high percent of brand marketers would forgo the use of brand safety tools if they were not achieving adequate reach for a campaign. This strikes me as quite a short-term perspective, when you think how much investment and effort goes into building brands, favourability and equity in the first place. To then run the risk of ad misplacement could have detrimental results both short and long term. 

So, as an agency we insist that our clients use the best brand safety technology we can access, coupled with our processes to maximise the reach, whilst reducing the risk of ad misplacement.”

As featured in Digiday UK. Full report available for download here.


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