Bringing the Air New Zealand brand to life within Google search

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A couple of months ago, Google introduced Gallery Ads, a new ad format that combines the intent behind search with the creative appeal of display.

These Gallery ads are interactive ads that sit in position 1.0 on the mobile search results page and consist of a standard text headline, a display URL and swipe-able image carousels with accompanying taglines. In the words of Google, “by combining search intent with a more interactive visual format, gallery ads make it easier for you to communicate what your brand has to offer”.

We took the opportunity last week to trial this for our client, Air New Zealand, in light of the attractive features the format brings to mobile devices. As nearly 70% of paid search traffic comes from Mobile devices, Mobile is an important area to focus on and we’re always looking to improve its level of engagement and therefore subsequent sales - Gallery Ads promises to do exactly that.

Using Air New Zealand’s existing image library and the expertise of our copywriters, we created Gallery Ads to tell a visual story about the in-flight experience with Air New Zealand, highlighting key features like comfort and service. Five days in, we’re already seeing a 68% higher CTR than our standard text ads. 


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